Daily Archives: April 3, 2012

I should have known better but I didn’t get to plan ahead of my raw vegan challenge. On day 1, Chris and I (Chris volunteered to go raw with me that day), were in the middle of Vallejo city with no raw vegan restaurants in sight. To make this worse, we were starving.

So, Chris and I headed to a Safeway store and bought a huge fruit bowl, marinated mushrooms, marinated olives, and a couple of nectarines and raspberries- (not pictured). The groceries saved us from our hunger, but not for long.



By late afternoon, Chris and I were craving for a full dinner meal. After our Vallejo and Concord event, we drove straight to Berkeley for Cafe Gratitude.

I had never been that happy to see Cafe Gratitude to our rescue. Once we walked in, we signed in our names and munched on some raw vegan cookies while we were waiting for our seats.  As soon as we got a table, we ordered like it was a feast-and I guess it was. By the way, pardon the photo quality, I was using only my phone camera.

Raw vegan cookies: chunky, chewy, you-would-never-know-it-had-no-dairy-nor-never-baked goodness.

Raw Pad Thai. I have to say, this shouldn’t be called Pad Thai because it was nowhere near resemblance, BUT this dish was delicious on its own right. It had killer sauce, crunchy sea plant noodles, and refreshing flavors. It’s definitely a Cafe Gratitude must-have.

Enchilada. I didn’t eat too much of this not just because it was Chris’ dish but also the sauce was too spicy for me. For fans of food with an extra kick, I’d highly recommends this one.

Chris swore by this Caesar salad being better than the regular versions. I agree. The chef behind it must have been a genius. Since we ordered it, Chris has been thinking of ways how to replicate it at home.

Raw chocolate smoothie. It tasted like a Hershey’s chocolate smoothie -only better because it was raw, no guilt on gaining some unhealthy pounds. Yum.

We also ordered some raw vegan sushi to-go, which I will blog about next time. Thank you Cafe Gratitude, I’m grateful for you!

I’m also grateful for friends, who after hearing about my raw transition, have shared their favorite raw vegan recipes. I’m now more prepared for the coming days to tackle (and enjoy) this challenge. So far, I feel lighter and in a better mood, my skin is glowing more too!




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