Kare-kare, Vegan

karekare3 copy

Kare-kare is a Filipino stew with ox tail, tripe, and vegetables in thick peanut sauce. It’s usually served during special occasions perhaps because the procedure is painstakingly delicate. With the help of my mom, we both re-invented Kare-Kare to a vegan dish full of soulful flavor and familiar taste. Kare-kare is best served with shrimp…

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Halo-Halo, Vegan

vegan halo halo

I ran out of ice cream in the fridge and I found myself craving for something cold and sweet to beat the weather. “What else can I make?” I wondered. “Oh, but of course, Halo-halo!” (pronounced ha-loh ha-loh and NOT halo like angel halo). Growing up in Digman, where Halo-halo originated from, I terribly missed…

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Where to eat Vegan: Central Vegetarian, Alameda

Aside from Hayward, another unexpected Bay Area city that has pockets of vegan goodness is Alameda. In here, you can find, “Central Vegetarian Cuisine“, an Asian restaurant that offers wide selection of vegan dishes. For appetizer, we ordered Lotus Salad. I loved the crunch, the refreshing sweetness and the slight tang, not to mention the…

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My Nephew’s Birthday Party (& the Vegan Cake I got him)

  My nephew Christian turned 3 this weekend. Of course his auntie got him some yummy vegan goodies. He was so excited at the sight of his cake that he immediately poked it.     I got the vegan cake from the bakery, “The Sweet Art Of Cake” in Hayward.  Yes, Hayward! For those who…

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Mango Ice Cream & Red Bean Popsicle


Although it’s easy to just buy ice cream at a store, there’s something about it being homemade (or anything really) that makes it more special. To decide on the flavors, I went for my ultimate childhood favorites: mango and munggo (red mung beans). These two flavors are the most popular ones in the Philippines, along…

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