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Vegan Restaurants and Food Demo in LA

This weekend I was invited by Pitzer College in Southern California to teach a class on how to veganize Filipino Food.

This was only my second time doing a demo so I was very excited and nervous at the same time. Plus, I was going to cook not just one but three vegan Filipino dishes so the idea was pretty nerve-racking. I featured: Vegan Roasted Eggplant Salad (Ensaladang Talong), Vegan Sisig, and Vegan Bibingka.

Professor Todd Honma, who organized the whole thing, asked me to emphasize the health aspects of my cooking so I did adjustments to my recipes by replacing natural sugar to agave, rice flour to coconut flour, and white rice to quinoa.

Below are snapshots of the demo:

pitzer-demo-wide-shot wp pitzer-sisig-cooking wp

pitzer-sisig wp

pitzer-eggplant-salad wp

pitzer-demo-the-students wp

I love that the students were so receptive. The workshop took about four hours and they paid attention the entire time! The students asked tons of great questions and remained inquisitive all throughout the demo.

I felt so lucky and fortunate to have been there sharing what I learned about vegan Filipino cooking. I’m grateful to Pitzer College as well as Professor Todd Honma for their interest in my work.

pitzer demo

Before heading back to the Bay Area, of course I had to check out some vegan restaurants in LA.

It’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of vegan restaurants in LA. In fact, a new one just opened a couple of months ago: The Springs LA, an all raw vegan restaurant that houses a wellness center as well as an office for the organization, Farm Sanctuary. It also has sections for cute shops which I’m assuming also sell vegan products.

Here are some of the nice exteriors and interiors of The Springs:

the springs facade widethe spring mural wp

the-springs-sign wp

the springs stores

the springs entrance

the-springs-tableset wp

For food, we got the raw vegan carbonara, hummus and crackers, raw tea leaf salad, raw rangoons (made of dried coconut skin wontons!) as well as raw vegan green curry.

springs-coconut-appetizer springs-raw-appetizer spings-color-carbonara

the spring carbonara wp


For dessert, we got the raw cheesecake with blood orange ice cream, ice cream trio (black sesame, peach, and chocolate), and chocolate cake.

the-springs-desserts the-springs-ice-cream the-springs-cheesecake


The place was spacious but homey. It also has a feel of both a luxurious loft and a tropical resort.

the-springs-ambiance wpthe springs dining

I went with my sister, my boyfriend, my uncle, and why yes, that’s Hiram Camillo at and Yvonne Ardestani at My Ecclectic Kitchen.

It was my third time meeting up with Yvonne and my first time meeting Hiram who was very nice and friendly in person.

the-springs-dinner wpThe executive chef also came out to meet us, Chef Michael Falso.

The next night, my family and I went to Bright Star Thai Vegan restaurant. Interestingly enough, the sign “Bright Star” looks way too small compared to the sign “Thai Vegan”. I think that’s cool though that they’re proud to be a vegan establishment.


bright star interiors

Bright Star reminds me of the vegan Thai restaurants in the Bay Area. It offers a variety of fresh vegetables and tofu as well as mock meats.

I highly recommend getting the orange tofu.

bright star orange tofu


bright star meal combo



Bright Star restaurant is a personal recommendation of my sister and her husband who both frequent this place.

On top of my photos, I also shot some videos from the trip. I’ve put the footage together for a quick two-minute video. Please feel free to check out the video below.

Thanks for watching!

Have you been to LA? What’s your favorite vegan spot?


Soul Veg, Vegan Soul Food in Chicago

Not so long ago, I went to Chicago for my boyfriend’s sister’s bachelorette party. I was the only vegan in the group but everybody was so nice and they let me break away from the itinerary for a day to meet up with an old friend who lives there. Of course I chose a vegan restaurant to meet up with my friend Joy.  I chose Soul Veg Chicago.

soul veg facade

Soul Veg is an all vegan soul food restaurant in East Chicago that has been around since 1980! I love that it has stayed that long. I could just imagine how tough business might have been for them in the 80s when veganism was not that popular yet.

protein tidbit

As appetizer, we got the protein tidbit with barbecue sauce. The tidbits were made of wheat protein or seitan. They were quite chewy and nicely seasoned.

soul veg tofu

For main entree, I got the Stir Fried Tofu with brown rice. Their tofu was something I never had before.  It wasn’t just a regular bean curd, it tasted peppery savory and was very chewy inside and crunchy on the outside. Their tofu was probably the chewiest tofu I’ve ever had.

The rice was also tasty but a bit dry. I guess they were being health conscious by cutting back on the fat and opting for brown instead of white.

soul veg meat loaf

I was super curious about their Stir Fried steak so we got that too. Instead of rice, we got fries as the side. Actually, the platter was more like a meat loaf, a seitan meat loaf to be exact. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

soul veg dessert
Of course I had to order dessert especially after seeing their ice cream sundae on the menu. My friend, who is not vegan and had never tried vegan food prior to eating here, said she was very impressed especially with the dessert.

We got the tropical fruit sundae and the chocolate cake. The chocolate cake was quite dense but very filling and delicious. The sundae tasted like guava fruit, yum!

sould veg ambiance

The ambiance had a nice, casual feel. Nothing too fancy, although they also have a banquet hall in another room.

Aside from table service, Soul Veg also has a snack and salad kiosk. My friend and I were too full to order anything from here so I just snapped some pictures.

soul veg salad bar Looks tasty and hearty to me.

soul veg salad bar cu

My friend said after eating here, she has noticed more vegan and vegetarian restaurants in her neighborhood. Sounds good to me! Perhaps I need to come back to explore more of these places.  Chicago is such a beautiful city anyway. I wouldn’t mind going back.

Original Soul Vegetarian
Located at 203 E. 75th street
Chicago, IL 60619. View Map
Phone: (773) 451-9796

Part 2: Vegan Finds in LA: Real Food Daily, Seed Kitchen, Viva La Vegan


899 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena, CA

Real Food Daily was our first stop on our vegan LA food trip so you could just imagine how excited my friends and I were, especially after hours of long driving.  The one we went to is in Pasadena (it also has other locations in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Pasadena and LAX airport, T4). The verdict? I have to say, Real Food Daily did not only not disappoint, it wowed us.

My friend Rosie had the Not-chos , it’s  gluten free and had “melted cashew cheese, black beans, pico de gallo, tofu sour cream, guacamole.”

I heard great things about this dish and now I know why. The Not-chos was super hearty with its generous layers of ingredients. It’s listed under the appetizer section of the menu but I think this will fill you up on its own. Heck, we were sharing and it was still very hearty for us!

imageI ordered the Under the Tahitian Moon, a gluten free dish that had “coconut risotto, seared chili-lime king oyster mushroom scallop, baby bokchoy, coconut curry cashews, red pepper couli, scallion”.

The coconut risotto alone was already a winner because of its mildly sweet-savory creaminess, then add in the rest, oh man, it’s like a symphony of awesomeness in every bite. It was nice touch to add some cashews for some crunchiness. How I wish someday I could get hold of its recipe.


My friend Jen had the Carribean Quesadillas, a soy free dish that has “Island coconut lentil purée, spinach, caramelized onions, pepperjack cheese, whole wheat tortilla with coconut cilantro cashew crème, mango salsa, guacamole, grilled plantains”.

We all shared dishes so I was lucky enough to have a taste of this dish. Usually when it comes to combo meals, there’s one you like and one that was either bad or just okay. This dish was not one of those. All of the parts won my taste buds. And with the sweet plantains, you don’t really need to order dessert. Actually, this was almost like a four-course meal all in one plate.


The facade of Real Food Daily.

imageThe interior of Real Food Daily. Cozy, industrial, modern.

imageReal Food Daily also has smoothies if you’re not feeling like pigging out (like we did!).  Here we had the Power Green  (Macro Greens, kale, strawberries, banana, flax seeds, almond milk), and Banana Maca (Banana, maca, cinnamon, dates, hemp milk).

I was quite biased towards smoothies. I thought they’ll taste bitter or sour, only because that’s I how I usually make them at home. But these smoothies were rich, sweet, refreshing, and does not taste earthy bitter.

imageLook even their straws are compostable!imageMy friends and I were so full that there was no room for dessert but I thought of snapping some pictures for the blog. This one was their Lemon Curd Tart.

imageTheir variety of cupcakes on display.




1604 Pacific Ave., Venice CA

Going to the other neighboring city of Los Angeles, Venice Beach also has vegan places to offer including Seed Kitchen Restaurant.

I ordered the Tempeh Chorizo Tacos, which had “3 crispy corn shells, lettuce, pico de gallo, salsa, avocado”.

The vegetables in the ingredients were super fresh however I was a bit disappointed with the tempeh because it tasted a bit too “beany” in a mild bitter way. Probably I’m just not used to eating a low fat dish.

taco tempeh seed

My sister tagged along with me and my friends. She ordered the Seitan Pepper Steak, which had “eric’s original seitan pepper steak with broccoli and carrots”.

Once again, the veggies like the carrots, kale, and shredded lettuce were enjoyable to eat because they were fresh and organic. The seitan was a bit too chewy though.

seitan bowlJen had the Southwest Burger , which had “eric’s original bean & grain burger with lettuce, vegan soy cheese, guacamole and ancho chili spread”.

She said that the burger was super good and tasty. I heard that this dish was the most popular at this joint. If I come back to this place, I’ll order this one. The only thing she said was that the burger was sort of falling apart when she was was eating it. Otherwise, Jen said she enjoyed her meal.

(photo courtesy of Jen at @whollyvegan on Instagram)imageRosie got the Saisai Donburi Macro Bowl, which had “kabocha, kale, shiitake, sea vegetables, bean sprouts, daily bean, sauerkraut and balsamic-miso sauce  with tempeh”.

Rosie said she thoroughly enjoyed her meal. From the menu description, it seems like it’s a nice bunch of healthy ingredients that will make you feel energized and charged for the day. This dish is very fitting to its location, as Venice or Muscle Beach is known for its fitness-conscious vibe.

(photo courtesy of Rosie at @rose_petalz on Instagram)

class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-10371" src="" alt="image" width="640" height="640" />In case you don’t know…

seed descriptions

Interior of Seed Kitchen.

seed interiorCounter of Seed Kitchen.seed orderingWe opted to sit outside so we could enjoy the weather.seed wide shot


2723 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

After Seed Kitchen, we walked around Venice Beach then headed to Viva La Vegan Grocery Express.

viva la vegan wideViva La Vegan is located in a small shopping complex so it was pretty easy to spot and there was ample parking.

We found some rare, one of a kind vegan products we were stoked about. Then of course there were also the popular kinds.

There was only one guy working at the store but he was super helpful.

viva la vegan grocery wide

Here we were, all happy with our vegan finds.

viva la vegan grocery

Please stay tuned for Part 3 of my vegan finds in Los Angeles (and its neighboring cities).

Part 1: Vegan Finds in LA: Donut Friend and Crossroads

Lately, Los Angeles has been kicking butt producing vegan and vegan-friendly establishments. Not to mention, most of these places are organic and macrobiotic. I’m not usually a big fan of trends but this healthy vegan trend is something that I hope will never go away.

My friends, Rosie and Jen, and I drove down to Los Angeles and its neighboring cities to explore and check out these vegan places I’ve been hearing about. Whether you live in Los Angeles or just visiting, I hope you could check out these places too.

Donut Friend

Donut Friend is definitely worth the six hour drive. This place is not fully vegan but it has TONS of vegan selections.

donut friend store facade

Most of their donuts are vegan, and those that aren’t could be made vegan. Look at these selections!
donut friend donut spread

raspberry donut friend

donut friend donuts

I was in vegan donut heaven. There were so many selections that my friends and I took forever to choose which ones to order. A good problem to have.

Finally, I went with (see photo below) L-R: S’morrisey  (“A chocolate donut filled with chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallows, topped with chocolate glaze and graham cracker crumbs”) , Vegan Bacon 182  (“Maple glaze and vegan bacon on top of our traditional donut.”),  DagNutty  (“A moist cake donut with chocolate icing and topped with nuts”), and Nutellavision (“A chocolate hazelnut spread and a dash of olive oil inside our traditional donut, topped with a sugar glaze and a pinch of kosher salt.”).

vegan donut friend

vegan donut friend

donut friend store

My friends, Rosie and Jen, posing by Donut Friend’s cute mural wall.

donut friend mural



Don’t be fooled with the two knives logo, this is no steakhouse. Crossroads is an all vegan, fine dining restaurant owned and operated by vegan chef Tal Ronnen.  I’ve been hearing great rave and reviews about this place so I was thrilled to finally check out this place myself.

crossroads facade

crossroads interior

Our server explained that Crossroads is Mediterranean cuisine inspired  and the dishes are served tapa style or in small plates. Interestingly, there was no mention of anything vegan, not even on the menu. Any meat eater could be fooled.

My friends and I didn’t drive all the way down to SoCal just to have one small plate so of course we ordered a spread! For salad, we had the Kale Caesar Salad. The kale was fresh, crunchy, and delicious- but I was a bit confused as to why it’s called caesar when it didn’t have any caesar dressing.  I think it should have been called something else.

crossroads caesar salad

Probably one of the most creative vegan dishes I’ve seen, the artichoke oysters blew me away. This dish was probably the polar opposite of the kale caesar salad in the creativity department. According to the menu, the artichoke oysters had “artichoke purée / crispy oyster mushroom / yellow tomato béarnaise / kelp caviar — (GF)”. Simply wow.

The “oysters” were served on a bed of rock salt, I assume to mimic ice. While I thought it was super creative to use rock salt, I thought it was a big waste of salt to have it for presentation only especially because the salt tasted wonderful too – and I bet was expensive. I doubt they reuse it. Anyway, this dish was definitely my favorite from Crossroads, hands down.

crossroads oyster app

We also had Tortelloni, which is tortellni shaped pasta stuffed with almond cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, parsley frisee salad and spinach cream. The pasta had a nice bite while the filling was very creamy. Chef Tal Ronnen is known to endorse the vegan cheese brand, Follow Your Heart, so I’m pretty sure that he also uses Follow Your Heart for his creamy dishes at Crossroads.

crossroads tortellini

Vegan Crab Cakes. According to the menu, it has hearts of palm, charred corn relish, and basil aioli. I thought it was fitting that it had three pieces, just enough for me, Rosie, and Jen.

I was missing the crab taste part which I thought could be brought by adding nori seaweed. In any case, I thought this dish was tasty and I would definitely order it again.crossroads crab cake

Wood Fired Meaty Lasagna. I figure that Tal Ronnen probably wants to attract many omnivores to his restaurant and be as welcoming as possible because he would rather call his dish, like this one, “meaty” than vegan. An oh, I  don’t mean that in a snarky way. I think it’s commendable that Tal Ronnen wants to invite as many omnis as possible to his place and if that means not mentioning a word of vegan, then so be it.

This “meaty” lasagna wasn’t only meaty, it was cheesy too! This is the part when I hate that it came only in a small plate. I know, I know, we’ve been warned by the server and I should have expected it. But with this good of a dish, I wish it came in a huge casserole. For the cheesy part, I think Tal Ronnen used Follow Your Heart, and I’m not mad at that.

crossroads lasagna

Here we are, enjoying the fancy offerings at Crossroads. Never mind the blur. The restaurant was dimly lit hence the poor resolution of the photos. Sorry about that!crossroads friends
Please stay tuned for Part 2 and the rest of the vegan finds from our trip to Los Angeles!

Instagram Meetup at Anzu, Hotel Nikko SF

I had the pleasure and honor to be invited to an Instagram meet up with Cobi Kim, the woman behind the YouTube Channel, Veggietorials.

I joined my friends Jen (aka @whollyvegan), and Rosie (aka @rose_petalz) in meeting Cobi at Anzu Restaurant in Hotel Nikko San Francisco. Cobi lives in Hawaii and is visiting San Francisco for a short time. She leaves on Monday so I was happy to catch her during her brief stay.

pic with cobi jen and rosie

L-R Rosie, me, Cobi, and Jen.  Photo courtesy of Rosie/@rose_petalz

Cobi was just so sweet and lovely in person as she is on her YouTube videos. Upon meeting, she greeted us “Mahalo” and asked us to take a seat at the elegant dining set up at Anzu.

As it turns out, Cobi’s brother is one of the chefs at Anzu. Together, they had planned and put together a customized menu for us.

cobi and her brother the chef

Cobi and her brother, the sous chef at Anzu Restaurant SF.

cobis offering

The customized vegan menu.

For starters, we had a beautiful spread of vegan rolls. Each roll has its own touch of creativity and playfulness. The rolls gave refreshing flavors and texture, not to mention they look just too pretty.

sushi rolls

vegan sushi

Variety of vegan rolls: Yasai Roll (Inari, yamagobo, kaiware, soy paper), Veggie Dragon (Romaine, Meyer lemon, asparagus, oshingo, cucumber, beets), Spicy Green Lantern (Shiso, seaweed, cilantro, tomato, jalapeno, onion)-my favorite.

Honestly, I thought we were supposed to just choose a dish from the menu. I had no idea all of the food dishes in the menu will be served on the table. Boy was I in for a treat.

mushroom crostini wide shot

mushroom crostini

Roasted Forest Mushroom Crostini (truffle white beans, crostini, mushrooms, micro basil, tondo drizzle).

curryCurry Cauliflower Soup (sliced almonds, red grapes, kaffir lime oil, etc.),

The soup was served in the cutest little cup that you’ll sip straight from. The soup was an absolute delight from the creaminess of the broth to the mild “buttery” flavors that just sings in your mouth. For the record, we were served a collection of these little cups so we happily helped ourselves to seconds-and more.
tofu salad

Silken Tofu Salad (toy box tomatoes, shaved radish, carrots, muki-edamame puree, yuzu citrus drizzle)

The salad was another refreshing treat. The tofu had a custardy, melts-in-your mouth texture. And the vegetables were simply elegant, a work of art.

And as if it wasn’t enough to eat and enjoy every food dish on the vegan menu, the servers came out with even more vegan offerings, off-menu!

sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries and sweet peppers with vegan dipping sauce. Comfort food meets gourmet.

mango sorbet

For dessert: Mango sorbet with berries, garnished with mint leaf.

The servers checked up on us regularly and made sure we were taken care of. Needless to say, we enjoyed a splendid feast. Even more splendid was the conversations we had on the table. We chatted about food, life, and all things vegan. Cobi’s friends also joined us. They weren’t vegan but they were very gracious and grateful to the wonderful dinner that Cobi and her brother had organized. After all, anyone would be blown away with the planning and execution of our dinner. We didn’t even have to open our wallets much to my surprise. That night was just all about good food and good company, and life was good indeed.

Cobi had mentioned that any of the vegan offerings we had could be ordered off the menu at Anzu anytime. If you happen to be in San Francisco, I highly recommend to give these dishes a try and treat yourself every once in a while, or often, whichever you prefer.

Thank you so much Cobi! Have a safe trip back to Hawaii and I hope to see you again soon. Maybe next time, it’ll be my treat. Mahalo!

Anzu Restaurant at Hotel Nikko SF
222 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 394-1100

Part V: Vegan Finds: Wabi-Sabi Ramen House, Makati City, Philippines

I would love to introduce to you an all veg ramen house in the Philippines called Wabi-Sabi, Vegetarian Restaurant and Grocery Store.

Wabi-Sabi is located at “The Collective“, a warehouse-turned-hip commercial area in Makati City, where superniche, superlocal, superartisanal stores and galleries reign supreme. It’s where you’ll find stores celebrating alternative lifestyles-including the vegan lifestyle.

Inside Wabi-Sabi.

wabi sabi

Wall of Fame, introducing Wabi-Sabi’s two popular soups,  “Fernando Pho Jr.” and “Ramen Padilla” cleverly named after two famous action stars in the Philippines, Fernando Poe Jr. and Robin Padilla.

wabi sabi1

Wabi-Sabi hosts a veggie food event called “Veggie Mayhem”, described on this board.wabi sabi3The spread: Wabi-sabi‘s version of vegan Chicharon aka Veggie cracklings, steamed buns (wheat Chay Pao and Regular Siopao Asado), Banh mi sandwich, Haru maki rolls, Kua pao and more.

wabi sabi 7To tell you the truth, the kitchen almost refused to take us in because we arrived late after its closing time. My friends and I had expressed we pretty much would order any left overs, and the spread above was what they were able to find for us. Not bad eh?

The kitchen staff also found us its last bowl of Pho soup-which was what we had originally sought for (mission accomplished!) Btw, this soup didn’t disappoint.

wabi sabi 4

wabi sabi 5

Vegan steamed buns or Siopao: Wheat Chay Pao and Regular Asado. Both savory sweet but I prefer the Asado.

wabi sabi 12

Veggie cracklings or vegan Chicharon, served with vinegar on the side. Possibly the best vegan version I’ve tried so far (I’ve tried 4-5 different kinds).

wabi sabi 8

Vegan Kua Pao. I wasn’t too crazy about this sandwich, but then again I’ve never had Kua Pao before so I wasn’t sure if it was really supposed to taste this way.   It was mildly sweet and crunchy, and filing.wabi sabi10

Vegan Haru maki fried spring rolls with seaweed and banana blossoms inside, served with soy sauce and mustard. Great as appetizer or side dish.

wabi sabi11

Wabi-Sabi‘s half Banh mi sandwich tastes delicious, another highly recommended dish. I would order this and the ramen again, plus the cracklings.wabi sabi 9

This below was not from Wabi-Sabi, but from Ritual Shop, another store at “The Collective”. I found out just now that this vegan peanut butter ice cream was made by blogger friend/vegan chef Marie Gonzales at Kitchen Revolution!

Marie and I never met but we were supposed to at the Astig Vegan potluck. Marie was going to bring ice cream but unfortunately she got caught in heavy traffic and wasn’t able to attend the party. I guess I was still able to try her ice cream after all! Hopefully Marie and I could meet next time.

wabi sabi 2

My friends: husband and wife, Ryan and Clare.

wabi sabi6

The whole gang.

wabi sabi 17

And guess what?! This lady approached us and said she knew about my blog. Could you believe that she is already a mom of 2 (one looks like a teenager/early 20s and one a preteen)? She looks so young and petite-must be the vegan lifestyle!wabi sabi 14

Me, by the store front and a cool bike -with a cool new friend.wabi sabi 19

Wabi-Sabi, Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant and Grocery Store

The Collective, 7274 Malugay, Makati City 1203, Philippines
Mon – Thu: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Fri – Sat: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
+63 918 962 2935
Cash only.
Budget: Approx. P150 per person ($3.50)

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Part I: Vegan Finds: Greens Restaurant, Quezon City Philippines

PART IV: Vegan Finds: Corner Tree Cafe, Makati City Philippines

It felt like hitting the jackpot when I discovered a Filipino vegetarian restaurant that also has a “San Francisco Bay Area vibe”.  During my trip to the Philippines last month, I enjoyed the best of both worlds at a quaint restaurant called, Corner Tree Cafe in Makati City, Metro Manila.

Corner Tree Cafe echoes a similar ambiance such as warm lights and artsy decor that you would usually find in cities like Berkeley, Oakland, or San Francisco. It is literally a cafe located on a street corner that has a big tree, so it’s almost impossible to forget its landmarks as its cafe name describes them.

I noticed that its customers were predominantly tourists, at least when I was there. The menu offers vegan and vegetarian versions of international favorites like Lasagna, Banh mi sandwiches, and Biryanis as well as Filipino signature dishes like LugawKare-kare, and Sinigang. It’s safe to say the Corner Tree Cafe is a great destination for vegan tourists visiting Manila.

Inside Corner Tree Cafe.

corner tree cafe  Vegan arroz a la cubana. Yes it does exist. It was good too.

corner tree cafe 5Who says you have to always include mock meats to veganize Filipino dishes? This vegan Sinigang soup didn’t have to.

corner tree cafe 8

Sinigang served with red rice on the side.

corner tree cafe 6Vegan congee soup or Lugaw with tofu on top. A must try when you’re here.

corner tree cafe 9

Half eaten Kare-kare. Obviously, I got too excited before I was able to snap a photo-and yes, obviously, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.corner tree cafe 11Vegan shrimp paste or bagoong as condiment for the Kare-kare. I’m still baffled on how they were able to veganize shrimp paste especially because their vegan version tastes so close to it. I’m on a mission to achieve the same result.corner tree cafe 12We also ordered international favorites like their Vietnamese sandwich,  vegan Banh mi. I’m very particular when it comes to vegan sandwiches and burgers and I have yet to try a vegan one that I absolutely love. This one wasn’t bad but I wasn’t blown away either.corner tree cafe 13My favorite junk food, french fries, served with ketchup and vegan mayo.    corner tree cafe 3Corner Tree Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant with tons of vegan options. Someone from our group ordered a vegetarian salad with real cheese. Of course I couldn’t give the verdict on this one as I didn’t eat it.corner tree cafe 2

Believe it or not, we still had room for desserts. We ordered vegan carrot cake, mostly devoured by my group except me as I was too full from all the vegan goodness we just had.

corner tree cafe 18

The usual suspects.

cornter tree cafe 19

Corner Tree Cafe

  • 150 Jupiter, Makati City, Philippines
  • +63 2 897 0295
  • Open Daily (11:00am – 10:00pm)
    (Kitchen closes at 9:30pm. Please come before then)
  • Takes major credit cards, food is quite pricey but worth it!


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