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UFC Fighters adopting a vegan diet

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)  fighters Jon Fitch, Jake Shields and Mac Danzig say they’re  adopting a vegan diet to perform better for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  Kudos to them for  proving men don’t need meat to buff up.



Here’s an excerpt from their insightful interview on the Stylus :

“When people stop eating meat they just can’t believe how much better they feel,” (Jake) Shields said. “They can run farther, they can keep going longer and they just rave about it. I think that’s why more athletes are becoming vegetarians.”

Many non-vegans see vegans as weak; however, Shields disagrees.

“When people say ‘you can’t do it,’ I say ‘Alright, you want to go train with me?'”

Shields is currently the Strikeforce middleweight champion and recently switched to fighting for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Thanks to LowFatVeganRecipes for finding the article.

Here’s a video of Jake Shields talking about his lifestyle:

Here’s Mac Danzig:

Here’s Jon Fitch: