top 5 tips from the cutting board craftsman

Top 5 Tips: How to Care For Your Wood Cutting Board

I used to think that cutting boards are all the same. They’re a basic, flat surface to cut on and the only thing they need for maintenance is soap and water. Over time, I learned that they’re not all created equal -plastic cutting boards could harbor bacteria (contrary to some marketing claims that they’re “anti-microbial”), bamboo boards could dull…

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Cookbook Crush: The Homemade Vegan Pantry (Review + Giveaway)

Chefs and cooks who make everything from scratch have always impressed me. I thought, they must have major cooking skills -and a lot of time in their hands! After all, who has the time and skills to make their own vegetable broth, bread, or butter? What luxury must it be to have homemade staples in…

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pili nut cheese titlecard

Pili Nut Cheese Recipe + International Giveaway

Most of us have heard of vegan cheese made of cashews, almonds, coconut, even macadamia. These days, it’s no longer a surprise that vegan cheese exists -or good vegan cheese exists. I remember during my early vegan years, I would avoid eating vegan cheese just because I thought it tastes bland and rubbery. Now, thanks to companies…

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ohsheglowsbruschetta titlecard

Cookbook Crush: The Oh She Glows Cookbook

I’m currently inspired by the cookbook, “The Oh She Glows Cookbook” by Angela Liddon. All of Angela’s recipes are simple and easy to follow. I’m particularly crushin on the “Summer Bruschetta” recipe featuring fruits that are in season like strawberries and cherries in yummy balsamic reduction served on sliced baguette. For some reason I thought balsamic reduction…

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titlecard veegmama familyphoto

Top 5 Tips: Being Vegan Among Family of Omnivores

I’m the only vegan in the family and sometimes it could be tough to attend family gatherings and celebrations. I’m lucky in the sense that my family does not give me a hard time about being vegan and fully supports my Astig Vegan endeavors. But, I’m still saddened that they couldn’t jump into veganism especially if…

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champorado titlecard 1

Champorado Recipe

Champorado is a chocolate lover’s dream. It’s rich, decadent, sweet, and a mild nutty. Nutty? That’s because the rice brings out a certain nuttiness to the porridge. Not to mention it makes it rich and creamy. I would say that it’s comforting for a cold season like fall or winter, but it could also be served cold so…

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10 Vegan Filipino Dishes for the Summer

I used to be so amazed that the United States has four seasons. I grew up in the Philippines and over there we have only two -summer and winter. Out of the two, I preferred summer. I was known to be that girl who rather not have “aircon” (slang for air conditioner). Summer in the Philippines could easily go up…

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