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Richgail Enriquez also known as “RG”, is a cook and a purveyor of recipes of both traditionally vegan and veganized Filipino dishes. All of her recipes could be found on her site, astigvegan.com

RG grew up in Cavite, Philippines until she was 15 years old. Growing up, she would help her mom in the kitchen prepare and cook Filipino dishes for the entire family. Years later, RG and her family moved to the US.

When she started adopting a vegan lifestyle, she did not want to give up on Filipino Cuisine. Undeterred, she pursued to delve deeper in learning Filipino food as well as sharing her discoveries along the way.

One of these amazing discoveries was that it’s possible to achieve delicious, healthy, and vegan Filipino food without losing its soul.

Her passion from sharing her recipes and discoveries led to her cooking show on YouTube, “Astig Vegan Cooking” on youtube.com/RCEstudios

The meaning behind Astig Vegan

“Astig” is slang for “Gutsy” or “Badass” in Tagalog (a Filipino dialect).

It’s a wordplay popularized in the Philippines in the 70s, when then-young generation would flip the syllables to create their own language (“ermats” as in mother, “erpats” father, etc).  “Astig” is slang for “Tig-as”, literally “tough” or “hard”, and is still widely coined by Filipinos to describe something gutsy.

RG looks at veganism as being “Astig”.  The blog bravely breaks the stereotype that Filipino food cannot be vegan,  healthy, and delicious all at the same time.

Do you have any recipes you’d like to see on this blog? Or have any questions on any of the posted recipes? Wondering where to get certain ingredients? Or perhaps looking for insights on the vegan Filipino lifestyle?




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17 thoughts on “About Astig Vegan

  1. Annapet

    Good to “meet” you ladies! I am not vegan, though I have a cousin who is one. When she’s around, I’d like to be able to prepare delicious vegan meals for her.

    1. Richgail Enriquez

      What a thoughtful cousin! Glad to meet you too. Let us know if you have questions regarding the recipes. We don’t update our blog everyday but you may subscribe via email for new posts.

  2. nanaymiriam

    Richgail very nice blog and photos too.. have you also tried being raw vegan and do you have a youtube channel?
    we are a Filipino family based in Singapore and is also trying to be mostly vegan

    1. Richgail Enriquez

      Hi there!

      I’m glad you like the site. Yes I’ve tried going raw vegan for a week and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You could find that raw post on this blog. Thanks to friend, Charmaine Mercado aka “Raw Manilena”, I was able to find good raw vegan dishes (some are Filipino too!).

      As for the youtube channel, I do have one but it’s not updated. Feel free to search “astigvegan” on youtube. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add more materials there.

      Please feel free to keep in touch. Let me know if you want a recipe featured on this blog or if you have any questions, recipes, suggestions you’d like to share. That’s so awesome that you’re trying vegan dishes! Please keep it up!

      Take Care,

    1. Richgail Enriquez

      Hi Rayni! I’m glad you found our blog. I’m following you now too :) Yay for Vegan Pinoys! Please keep in touch.

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  4. Veggie Chica

    Hi There. Thank you for existing! As a vegetarian, and honorary pinay, I have searched for ways to still eat Filipino food. Will have to try some of these recipes. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for non-dairy condensed milk recipe and was lucky to find it. Please check out my blog: http://veggiechica.com/ for some Latin inspired vegetarian (and vegan) recipes.


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