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Meeting Instagram Friends, Jen and Rosie in person

rosie and jenL-R Me, Rosie, and Jen.

Fresh from successfully meeting Tuesday, I’ve gotten inspired to set up another meeting. This time, it was with good Instagram friends: Rosie or @RosiePetalz and Jen or @WhollyVegan. All three of us live in the Bay Area within driving distance so I thought why not hang out in person.

Instagram is truly magical. It’s just like this blog, it makes the world smaller and connects like minded individuals who otherwise would have never crossed paths. Yet, I still think nothing beats real human interaction.

Of course, it’s always smart to use good judgement when deciding to meet online friends in person. As you all know, social media could be a mixed bag of personalities. In our case, Rosie, Jen, and I have created a legit rapport before meeting up.

The three of us went to two places: one that I’ve never been and another that has become my tried-and-tested vegan spot. Here are the pictures from our day out:

Lunch at Nature Vegetarian:

Chili String Beans, the perfect amount of heat and spice in a dish.

chili string beans1

Their dumplings were kinda of mushy that day, otherwise they tasted good.


Vegan Sharkfin soup. It does exist!

sharkfin soup

Sesame Chickum. Their most popular dish. From the taste of it, I could understand why. (Btw, I learned the staff makes its own mock meats from scratch!).

sesame chickum

What we ordered, along with rice, tea, and good conversation.natures vegetarian

After lunch, we headed to Timeless Coffee for some vegan desserts and hot drinks.

timeless coffee cakes

What I ordered: 3 kinds of vegan mini cupcakes: Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Caramel Cupcakes (x2) Yum!

timeless cupcakes

Either Jen or Rosie ordered a Pecan cake..or I think that’s what it’s called. I forgot already.     timeless cake

There’s also Carrot cake.timeless carrot cake

The spread of vegan desserts and coffee.

timeless cake spread

And here we are: me, Rosie, and Jen. Three Vegan Filipinas in the Bay Area.

rosie and jen


Last Saturday, Chris and I headed to Oakland for some yummy vegan cupcakes-yes cupcakes are not dead! Plus, we got to vote for our favorite -which was a tough decision. It’s all part of the “Rock Paper Scissors 4th Annual Vegan Cucpake Bake-off“. Chris and I were a little late so some bakers already ran out while some still had some of their signature creations. Below are some colorful scenes from the contest.








Had a bit of each cupcake up for voting.








And the winnners are…


The first runner ups for their Thaikiki cupcakes


And the champion for her Samoa cupcakes-which Chris and I voted for!


The winning cupcakes, yum!



Where to eat Vegan: Souley Vegan, Oakland

Before going to Bryant Terry’s Speaker Series, TJ and I headed to Souley Vegan in downtown Oakland for some delicious vegan soul food.

For starters, we had “Artichoke Garlic Dip with Garlic Bread and Vegan Butter”. The creamy dip tasted pure bliss especially because it had  strong flavors of my two favorite ingredients: Artichoke and garlic.

What TJ ordered: “Combo of black eyed peas, mustard greens, and mac and cheese”.

What I ordered: “Southern Fried Tofu Bowl”, which was their Special that day. Their presentation may not be clean, but maybe it wasn’t supposed to be. Regardless, this bowl tasted amazing. I’d order it again.

The ambiance transcended us to a cozy Southern-feel dining.

The menu:

TJ & I enjoying our meal.

Souley Vegan on Urbanspoon